ISF - Approach, Vision, Mission


ISF – Who we are?

International Speakers Forum – ISF teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of meeting locations as well as impart need based education at individual level – online and offline. It also focuses on improving the language of word – English!

Members share a common passion in the area of Public Speaking, making a difference in the lives of others through the power of speech. They share own stories & march on the path of speakers & leaders. It is self-navigating group fueled by mutual evaluations.                                                                      

Survey after survey shows that public speaking and presentation skills are critical to success in the workplace. People pay high fees for seminars to gain the knowledge and confidence necessary to face an audience. ISF provides an option that is less expensive. It is a proven - and enjoyable way to practice and hone communication and leadership skills. ISF Members subscribe to professional standards and take part in ongoing professional development specific to the speaking industry.

ISF – Vision  

Every member of ISF will be self-ware, trust-worthy, humble, caring, and visionary & empowered ready to influence on society through excellent skills of public speaking & leadership.

ISF – Mission

ISF is a pressure group working for improving Quality of LIFE of all members enabling them to become more effective communicators & leaders in society. 

ISF – Process – Experience based learning   

ISF members provides supportive & positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop critical thinking / debating / communication / public speaking / service leadership / counseling skills which results into self confidence & personal growth leading to positive societal change 

 ISF – Values

1.       Service Leadership

2.      Integrity to the cause

3.     Mutual help & respect

4.     Transparency in dealings

5.     Excellence

6.     Gender Equality

7.     Discipline & Time Management

 ISF – Goal  

To be the 1st choice service provider of dynamic, high-value, experimental communication & leadership skills development

 ISF – Oath / Assurance

To realize the dream of members, ISF shall focus on the all activities, which are going to be really meaningful for the development of an individual. ISF shall strive to be a foundation which will acting through a systematic methodology to achieve the specific goals & unlock the potentials of members, groups & society at large.

ISF – Members Oath / Assurance

As a member of ISF, I promise

§  To attend the Club meetings regularly

§  To prepare all speeches / roles / projects to the best of ability basing them on exclusively guidelines provided ISF.

§  To prepare for & fulfill meetings assignments

§  To provide fellow members with helpful constructive evaluations  

§  To maintain positive friendly environment so that all members learn with ease & grow

§  To serve the bureau as an officer when called upon to do so

To upheld the values of ISF & maintain honest & highly ethical standards of behaviors I bureau & society 

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