HBD blessings from Haji

Birthday Blessings from Haji ! 

I was sitting in the Hostel waiting for Bus 🚌 time to arrive. All of a sudden a gentleman arrives & starts distributing chocolates 🍫. We all delightedly accepted the gift 🎁 & then realized he is  would be Haji. This gentleman from Morocco 🇲🇦, Abdul Karim , is traveling to Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 for Makka / Madina. So he was completely in devoted mood to Allah. I just told him that tomorrow is my birthday , he recited a sura in Quran instantly , which blesses the world peace thru forgiveness. 

We bid farewell to him & hassle free journey to almighty’s abode. He was exceptionally peaceful & very fine gentleman. Let almighty lead him on good path. 

“Alhamdulillah,” ( It is a phrase that Muslims often use in conversation, especially when thanking God for blessings.)


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