Explore North India - How to plan the Route?


Dear Potential Backpackers

More than often, you ask me a question – How do you Plan the trip? Alternatively, you ask me how to map the tour? What to See? What to eat? How to protect the passports and important documents? Etc.

In the month of Oct 2021, I shall be endeavoring a Trip to North India on Two Wheels. I just love scooter and I have Suzuki Access, 125 cc. I am planning to carry tent / mattress. Right now, I am gathering the courage to sleep anywhere other than Hotels – maybe I shall camp at thaba, petrol stations, temples or schools. On the way if any known relative or friends say ‘Mankar, comedown and be my guest’, I shall respect his gesture and will move to his home. There could be an ‘unknown’ waiting for my ‘Company’. Who Knows? World is wonderful!

So now it is time to PLAN the route. Follow me ……. Step by step. My 1st State for visit will be Rajasthan. I have seen Gujrat, fairly well.  

1.       Open Excel Sheet, Google Maps and Word file

2.       Take a judgement How much one can move on scooter in a day? I have kept around 125 to 150 Km a day; Start at 6 am, Stop at 6 pm – That’s the rule. Camp at the place where you are at 6 pm

3.       Let’s plan for Rajasthan Exploration. Google top 15 cities in Rajasthan – must see. Check their location and also check what is there to see. By this exercise, one can check the distances between cities

4.       Go on updating the excel sheet – Date is in the 1st Column followed by ‘day count’ followed by ‘From >> To’ columns. Also go on updating the Km’s count.

5.       Now depending on availability of time, you can extend the route. This exercise will give you an idea of ‘consumption of time and route’.

6.       Now while doing this keep word file open. Go on ‘Copy/ Paste’ the information about what to do in City / Destination. This file will help you when you are in that city and one can embrace the without loosing time.

7.       Be flexible – talk to people around you. Ask. Listen. And amend, improve your experience. Believe me. Google caters only 50% information. Balance 50%, you need collect from the ground.

8.       Eat what they eat.

9.       In my case of backpacking -Hotel Reservation is not required; But keep the ‘Hostels’ and ‘Dharamshala’ information at finger tips. You never know the need for this kind of stay.

Look at my ‘Itinerary’, I am embracing Rajasthan, to kick start.

Hope you will find information useful to kick the ass of yourself.

Rebel BACKPACKER – Mankar Pravin       

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