Migration to “my’nest”


I called American 🇺🇸 Marc Z. with huge excitement in mind and declared to him that I am migrating from his Home 🏡 to My’Nest. He was awed. He was in shock. The reason is obvious. I was dwelling in his house 🏡freely since 2004. I was very happy. Almost 3500 known people visited my place. Countless thousands! I am highly connected. In subdued mood, Marc asks me in American 🇺🇸 accent ‘ Sir, what’s reason for migration? Are you not happy? I need to report to my board….’ This billionaire Marc was looking forward for my suggestion to improve, subtly. 

Without any hesitation ( as I gained a huge popularity due to his association) I poured my mind. I said - *your website is amazing for amateurs. I am no more amateur, I am grownup boy 👦. ( to impress him ) I am a writer now, sort of content creator. Your website, Facebook, has very poor ‘Search Engine’. I can’t locate my old ‘content’ easily. I would like to have ‘random access’. It takes huge toll to locate old content.*

Marc listened attentively. He was sharp enough to note my concern. He said - okay mankar, thanks, but don’t abandon me. Stay in touch. What next? 

Then I told him about my new website named - https://www.mankarrang.in

This will be my new home 🏡. It’s “my’nest”. I have developed this website under the guidance of Mr Ansh - a mystic rider. While chatting on traveling, backpacking, I just mentioned that I would like to develop the my own website. Believe me he taught Me ‘how’ of website development. Within 3 days - I had acquired reasonable skills - and website is ready. Here it is - https://www.mankarrang.in .

“My’nest” is big enough without kitchen facility. I cook 👩‍🍳 my content on https://www.blogger.com/. The post posted on above site is delivered to my site. It’s an interesting process. 

My’Nest has main hall and 4 rooms. ‘About’ me is available under ‘ABOUT’. I am going to share my backpacking experience under BACKPACKING’. Indian experiences will be state-wise. International experience will be ‘Country-City’ wise. Social and Personal Story Telling is inevitable on my site. I shall deliver the stories in 3 way - listening(podcast), reading(text blogs) and viewing(VDO). The stories are covered under STORY-TALE.  A caption called MONEY TREE will uncover the myths of money making in share market. The last caption is SPEAKERS FORUM endeavors to train in the arena of Public Speaking’. I wish everyone speaks instead of talk. 

*I need your contribution to decorate the site. Let’s make LOGO. Let’s make VDO which deals with my perspective. Last but not least, I am looking for ‘tag 🏷 line’ which deals with ‘travel without fear’ - backpacking approach. *

Folks, one and all, visit my website and comment. Suggest new ideas 💡. Let’s share. Let’s make life large. Let’s enjoy. That’s the aim. 

Copy to Marc Zuckerberg


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  1. It was very nice experience to read on your own site. It was even more thrilling to read that you had talked to Mark Z and even questioned him. Bravo and best wishes


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