It was dawn hours of morning and I was sipping my coffee ☕️ at 4th floor - terrace. The farms alongside Nandini River were covered by dense fog causing ambient temperature as low as 12 degrees C. A powerful beam of motorcycle 🏍 tarnishing the fog stopped at doorsteps of our Hostel My’nest. I instantly realized that he must be rider. In that silent environment, I shouted and asked ‘from where?’ He says ‘Delhi’. Out of curiosity I asked ’When did you started?’. He says ‘2nd October 2018!’. I was astonished enough. My son comes from behind and tells me ‘this guy had already visited all states including Union territories of india by Bullet and he is finishing his ride at Panjim, Goa on 1049th day - next week! I uttered, OMG 😳

The guy stayed at our Hostel for a week ( I guess, Rider Saket didn’t charged him ). And we become Friends. Initially I allowed him to tell the stories. I was calm listener. This guy was moving across the country to explore people and places on ‘freewheel’ as well as by ‘free will’. Time is not a limitation for Ansh. His parents don’t bother him asking about his whereabouts. He is learned, served private organizations. Now he is freelancer. A consultant. While on wheels, occasionally he takes a pause earn little money 💴 and moves on. His average expenditure per day is about thousand bucks. He limits his earning to Rs 30000 pm because that’s not his priority. He ensures that his wheels don’t get stuck for want of fuel ⛽️. The fuel for stomach is managed somehow- either spontaneously sponsored by someone on the way or low cost meal 🥘 is availed. He camps anywhere and everywhere - roadside dhabas are favorites but he won’t mind Petrol Stations, Schools, praying places or gardens. He is good storyteller. Incidentally he also cherish his mission of tour - bringing awareness about road safety by wearing helmet. After every 30 miles, he meet ‘someone-anyone’ and leaves his ‘connection’. ( these connections, I am going to use while exploring north India). He had lectured at thousand places and talked about use of helmet. He leaves lasting impressions on people. Make them happy and moves on. I was mesmerized. 

Before getting hypnotized by him, I told my stories and then he realized - we are equal when it’s ‘backpacking’ and riding on two wheels. We spent hours together to gain wisdom from each other. On 3rd day, I said I wish to develop the web site similar to his - www.Indianroad.com. He said ‘I will teach you : how of website’. I burned midnight oil with him for 3 days. Believe me, I developed the website www.mankarrang.in within 3 days. It’s operational now. 

That week was treat for me. It’s rare to have freind who is passionate about the cause which You are cherishing. These guys are charismatic for me. It’s like when student is ready, Guru appears. These types of ‘Road Romeos’ , ‘conquerers of road’ see the life in true sense. They are fearless. And *beyond fear, there is happiness* - I believe. 

On 13th August 2021, he left Nasik for Goa (via Mumbai). On 1049th day, he shall be ‘completing’ this tour, donate his bullet to aspirant lady rider. What a gesture? 

After this - What? - the next adventure starts - ‘hitch-hike’ - (to get a lift or free ride by holding out your hand at the truck 🛻 passing by to your destination).

For us, ‘The destination is not important, the journey is!’  - You don’t have to be rich to travel well. Backpacking makes you realize how little you really need to be happy.

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  1. Very nicely penned story.. Thanks Mankar sir.

  2. Thank you for crafting it so nicely ❤️️❤️️ will be adding this story to https://www.indiaonroad.com/ as well

  3. A story nicely told and in precise manner.Thanks dear friend


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