Nasik to Kedarnath in Uttaranchal and return could be 4400 km plus distance. And a bullet bike 🏍 tour is not a mean adventure. Saket, Vishal, Harsh and Mahindra are endeavoring this adventure within 2 weeks time frame, may be 3 days plus. I wish them all the best for this unmatched adventure. Why ‘unmatched’ ? It’s because the challenges of this route are very very different. 

The route till Rushikesh is quite unassuming as terrain is flat and this group shall be covering this distance of 1500 km in 2 days. The balance 700/800 km is a kind of ‘no-road’ zone as 🌧 rains must have washed the roads. This is tough.

The steep accent is main challenge. Rushikesh is at an altitude of 340 meters. While One of the most revered Kedarnath temple, is located at an altitude of 3,580 m, near Chorabari glacier, which is the source of the Mandakini river. The group may endeavor trekking beyond Kedarnath temple. This extra climb could be worth of effort as it is ‘no-normal’ trekking zone. 

On other side, after wondering in to valley of flowers 💐 on way to Badrinath, they will accent further to Mana Village. Situated in Chamoli district at an elevation of 3200 m in Uttarakhand, Mana village lies on the banks of Saraswati river, and is around 5 km from the famous Hindu pilgrimage centre Badrinath. This beautiful hamlet is 24 km from the Indo-China border, making it the last village of India. This ‘point of view’ could be worth appreciation. 

I suppose group will have their presence on Instagram sharing joy and pains. All four are fearless. They have seen road enough. They have gained the ‘road wisdom’ in abundance. All of them have exposure of Leh so I have no anxiety about their plan and execution. Well planned is half done, so to say. 

A question 🙋‍♂️ to ponder upon by me - as a 🎒 backpacker! Is backpacking different from 🏍 Bike Riding? Yes indeed! Backpacking doesn’t require as much gear as riders need! Besides the right clothes and a backpack, there’s very little you actually need to go backpacking, making last-minute adventures super easy. Forget about an expensive bike, tools, heavy camping gear etc. Just pack and hit the road!

Backpacking… using public transport is quicker and filled with memorable experiences. Buses and trains are often a big part of a country’s culture too, a place where you can meet some unforgettable characters.

Backpacking… is physically much easier! Backpacking… isn’t as reliant on weather conditions

Backpacking… doesn’t require any skills ! If you’re physically able to survive in everyday life, chances are you’ve got all the skills you need for a backpacking trip.

Backpacking… is more varied!Backpacking trips can often end up more varied, as you’re able to visit more destinations in a shorter space of time and it’s easier to go on mini-trips along the way.

*Irrespective of above I like Biking - 

This is why Bike Touring is Frickin’ Awesome! Bike touring… gives the ultimate feeling of freedom*

Getting away from the confines of public transport is the best way to really explore a country. Bike touring makes you completely self-efficient and able to go anywhere that has a cyclable surface in front of it, even if nobody else seems to want to go there. ….

I just wanted you to think on this occasion where - चार राजा चले चार धाम - अभिनंदन आणि आशीर्वाद सुद्धा

*folks I am preparing for ‘Scootering Adventures* very 🔜 . Let’s call it Bike 🛵 Packing’*


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