Kedarnath @ Pinnacle

 I am sure Saket, Vishal, Kanva and Mahendra must be 🔝 of the world 🌎 while cherishing the destination - The Kedarnath ; The feeling is amazing as this is not a mean achievement. The team has reached Kedarnath at 3550 meters from MSL after a huge toll - mental and physical. The heavenly beauty can’t be shown but must be experienced. They are lodging nearby temple. They will endeavor to climb further to a lake which caused disaster few years ago. In the evening they will be attending - aarti - which must be super feel. Only 1000 people are allowed who are holding epass. At this juncture, I wish them a wonderful night in the midst of heaven. From tomorrow they will be descending towards Badrinath. I forewarn them, without getting overwhelmed by the unique achievement, descent slowly. Take every care. Be safe. All the best to you all. 

Mankar - A Rebel Backpacker 


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