Niceness Quotient

 Niceness Quotient 

*Ask yourself ‘what is my niceness quotient?’ after reading the blog. *

Being Backpacker, more than often I am encountered with questions like : 

# what if your scooter 🛵 gets punctured while you are traveling long distances ?

# what if you suffer from illness during the overseas trip ?

# have you lost your way while roaming in big cities ?

# have you lost your wallet or passport while traveling abroad ?

# have you ever face life threatening situation ?

I normally answer ‘ I don’t think about these kind of eventualities. And even if anything like this happens, I trust people passing-by and seek help. 99% of time, I 🏃🏼‍♂️ runs through the situation safely. Rather I triumph over situation. For 1% adversities, I take risk ‘. This response sprout 🌱 out of my long experience of adventure backpacking. 

I must tell you that ‘ I must help someone’ is a psychological need of any human being on the earth. Help rendered without any expectation gives tremendous heartening and pleasurable joy to Giver.  

Human beings are inherently good and nothing bitter can survive forever. What survives is ‘good behavior’, let’s cherish the ‘help with love’. We need to emulate these greats to make this world 🌎 a place for all. Let’s extend ‘niceness’ to passerby. 

I shall rank Japanese on the top in showing small acts of kindness irrespective of language barrier. They are highly ‘social mindfulness’. Turkish should rank 2nd. They are amazingly soulful. Social mindfulness is a manifestation of broader awareness of people around. I shall rank Indians at 3rd 🥉 level as I have experienced that people helped me leaving aside their jobs at hand. All these people render help before you ask. They realize that one is in need of help. On the contrary Americans 🇺🇸 and British are extremely helpful only if you ask for help. 

Most of Europeans prefers to stay away from backpackers or traveling folks. Deeply somewhere I feel, superiority complex among the European causes the distance. The skin color matters in Europe matters most, particularly in Germany 🇩🇪. As you travel towards west of Europe, social mindfulness improves. 

If interaction among people on the road is mutually beneficial and is based on trust, Quality of Travel enhances. This is called ‘ niceness quotient’. What’s yours? Do you help passerby? 

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