The feelings of anxiety 😦 in the minds of relatives of riders and backpackers can’t be escaped. Anxiety about ‘whereabouts’ , ‘how abouts’ of adventurers is sometimes could be killing. Anxiety is a feeling of worry or fear, especially about the future of traveling folks. Since Saket is rider and I am backpacker,  I have experienced anxiety from both sides . I am sure my family must going through all sorts of odd and negative thoughts 💭. They are not mentioned anytime but they are always at the back of mind, indeed in deep conscious. You know that sinking feeling in your stomach, that feeling of dread, fear that things may be worse than you expect? It's anxiety. It  isn't good for your body, mind and spirit. 

The question is ‘can we trim it , if not avoid?’. My answer , from relatives perspective’ is ‘yes’.

We have simply installed the app - zenly app - now we can see how Saket and team is moving on road. This is online tracking tool and giving us huge mental relief. It’s indeed powerful and we can share texts, photos, feelings and advice (?). No riders likes to have phone 📱 calls while riding. It’s disturbing. Relatives should refrain from calling.  We can also see if it’s raining 🌧 or otherwise. 

Riders and backpackers need exceptional peace of mind while indulging in to adventure game. It’s meditation for us. So let’s provide ‘calm’ to them. To be a Zen ! What’s meaning? - : a state of calm attentiveness in which one's actions are guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort Perhaps that is the zen of gardening—you become one with the plants, lost in the rhythm of the tasks at hand. 

Zenly is a free smartphone app available on iOS and Android phones. It allows friends & family to follow each other's tracks and simplify their busy lives. With Zenly you can see where the people you care for are on a private map.

We were following Saket and team calmly and quietly. We spoke to him at 10 pm after his 800 km biking 🏍 . Folks 800 km plus in a day. And they arrived fresh. The modern gears of riding are very efficient. The fatigue is almost zero. One rides in the ‘capsule’.  

Today they have started at 6 am. They destined for Rushikesh, the holy city of world. About 600 km - I wish safe riding. They are right-now at Gwalior 925 Kms from me, from us. So What? Distance doesn’t kills when ‘zanly’ is installed. 


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