The Compitition

 The Competition 

The man 👨 in search of ‘meaning’ so far continue to be ‘a searcher’ hereinafter, also.  Yes, I have decided to embark on new odyssey - a series of adventures, 🔜 after Diwali 🪔. As usual, I will be wandering solo on two wheels. Wandering normally mean - to walk somewhere slowly with or with no particular sense of direction or purpose. But in wandering in North Indian terrain to explore and experience purest form of people and places , amid slowly but steadily. While I want people to wonder 💭 on my expedition on two wheels, I covet to wonder 💭 at beautiful people of india. 

The theme of odyssey is *‘nothing remains hidden’.* Developing new friends is going to be the key agenda - with possibly sharing the ‘happiness’. While on the way to Desert, Himalaya and Ganga-sagar, I wish to excite people, passerby. I am looking for a slogan in Hindi which ‘we’ all shout and share on the road - when we meet and depart. This slogan will be carved on my scooter 🛵. This slogan will be my ‘identity- the intent of my travel’. 

*The competition is here - I want you to think about my travel and suggest a ‘slogan’ which should be two liner, in Hindi and with bit  rhythmic. Eg 'जिंदगीकी किसी मोड पेफिर मिलेंगे रोड पे'. *

So, folks, keep your thinking cap 🧢 on and suggest a slogan. I shall be indebted forever. The Reward ? Yes you be adequately 🥇 awarded.  Appreciate your response asap, but before 7 days. 

Mankar - Backpacking Continues. 

Disclaimer - this is a plan with all sorts of uncertainty - man proposes and god …

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