Against Light 💡

 Against Light ☀️ 

Availability of light is a chance while doing photography. However managing the ‘available’ light and ‘direction’ of light is an ART. One must have creative thinking followed by passion for experimentation. Repetition is any act develop skills. Photography is CRAFT.  One must move his ass to attempt for classic angle. 

Today on 4th floor terrace, sun 🌞 had risen from East throwing more than enough tender light on flowers 🌺pots. Please note that sunbeams were tender, they can not kill the object and make them dark. On the contrary, I thought 💭 that since objects to be photographed are transparent, why not do the photography ‘against light’. Let the light pass through the flowers 🌸

It was a physical exercise so to say as I had exert in different way - sit, bend etc. Here is the ‘RESULT’. 

I had also used two objects in conjunction to develop meaning or to create aesthetic beauty. Many times beauty lies in ‘arrangement of object’. This attempt for रचना is my passion. 

Please check out today’s endeavors. 

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