The Memory lane ..

 *I recall Cyrus…*

I am deeply saddened by the news … and moved into memory lane. It was 2009. I had just returned from East Africa. After spending 6 months of देशवापसी lavishly ( meaning doing nothing), boredom had settled in my mind. I decided to update my ‘LinkedIn’. Next day there was call from Shapoorji Palanji’s CFO 🧑‍💼, asking me to see them by 3 pm that day at next to Radio 📻 Club, next to Gateway, Mumbai. It was 9 am. I did rushed to that lavishly and tastefully decorated office.  A 67 years old man - CFO - asked me to wait for Cyrus. I had chat with CFO. By 3:07 pm Mr Cyrus come to office. He was in completely unassuming attire - simple bush shirt and navy blue pant - sizable belly was out bursting. Without an iota of smile, he interviewed me for ‘Country Manager Cum CFO’ post for their Ethiopian Sugar Factory 🏭 At 15th minute, Cyrus said ‘while your African credentials are exceptionally well, we can’t give you offer as you’re not an Engineer’. I said ‘ok’. 

I was about to getup, ☕️ chai Wala appeared. Cyrus offered me tea. I was in awkward situation - dilemma - to have or not to have. My wisdom prevailed and suggested ‘Mr Mankar, have tea ☕️ with Cyrus, else it would be insult to him’. 

*On 16th minute, we were informal. Out of no choice, Cyrus asked me - ‘How and why did you landed 🛬 in East Africa? I explained my ‘raison d'être’ of African continent and the joy I made out of negotiating with Africans. He smiled ( 1st time ) and said ‘ I had never been in Africa, so deep’.*

☕️ the Irish Tea (blunt taste) was finished. I stood up for exit. This Irish businessman having wealth of USD 30 billion also stood up and said ‘ we will keep you posted if there is any suitable position’. That day I was at fifty years and he was 42 years old.

I recalled the moments with him. While there was no ‘post’ from him in last 12 years, now there won’t be any as he left for god’s abode. 

*That 30 minutes with him taught me ‘how to remain humble even if you are rich’. Rest In Peace ‘Cyrus’.*

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